Features of Responsive Web Designs

With the increasing number of mobile users and more sophisticated devices, web designers need to design more flexible sites that work on platforms, keeping in mind the better user experience across different devices. Responsive Web Design eliminates the need for multiple versions of the site and automatically delivers the content within the context.

Gold coast solutions provide these 6 responsive web design key features to help business achieve a better online presence across different devices.

  • 1. Adaptive and User-friendly

    This is one of the most appealing features of responsive websites. It provides website flexibility that works flawlessly across all devices despite screen size. RWD accomplishes this by ensuring that your page text and media load fast and in the best dimensions and resolutions for any devices. Good responsive web designs build a positive image of the business.

  • 2. Less Effort

    Having many versions of websites takes a lot of time and more money. Rather than uploading information on various versions of your website, responsive web design allows you to perform this challenging task just once. This will surely save a good deal of energy, time, and money that you otherwise could have spent on creating another site for different apparatus.

  • 3. No Redirects

    The site will be comparatively SEO friendly because the content is coming from the same URL. This makes backlinking into the website simpler as the URL stays the exact same and therefore no hyperlink juice is dropped through numerous redirects. The exact same goes for sharing social stations since the URL is identical. Additionally, it prevents the redirection problems since the URL stays the exact same and consequently not one of the frequent redirect difficulties or several redirect problems arise.

  • 4. Perfect for SEO

    Different versions of a website for different devices give SEO professional the hard time in optimizing links. Responsive designs let SEO professionals optimize links once and in a short time. Search engines like Google show responsive websites at the top of their search results, so it's important for a website to be responsive in terms of its layout.

  • 5. Cost-Effective and Easier Maintenance

    Maintaining several website versions increases the workload and costs a great deal. Responsive designs reduce workload and provide cost-effective maintenance because you only need to maintain one website with a layout that responds to any device.

  • 6. Higher Conversion Rate

    Bounce Rate refers to the percentage of the way quickly and frequently users leave your website after seeing a webpage on your site. If a website behaves the way a user prefers, it is likely that they will stay longer and build trust on the website. This means lower bounce rate, longer website visit time and a high rate of conversion. RWD makes this possible to display your website properly on any screen size and assists you significantly enhance the bounce rate.

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